Our Culture

At Axia Construction Group our philosophy is simple:

Be unusual when usual is expected.

The "usual" expectations of the construction process are...

  • The contractor will price a project low to get the job and then increase cost with change orders to make a profit.
  • The contractor will give an unrealistic timeline to look good but have no intention of achieving it.
  • The contractor will only have their best interests in mind and can’t be trusted.
  • The construction process is going to be a nightmare.

It is our goal to change the way contractors are perceived. From the time Axia was formed, we have worked hard to build a reputation of honesty and fairness. Establishing value and trust is of utmost importance to us. We realize that service to our customers and community establishes and maintains the path for our continued success.

These guiding principles lay the groundwork for our reputation, which we have worked hard to earn.

Customer Loyalty

We are committed to customer loyalty. It is not enough to have a satisfied client. A satisfied client’s overall feeling about you is in between neutral and positive, and their experiences with you have not been negative. Not bad... but not great. Satisfaction is not an indication that a client will repeat business with you.

However, a loyal client will proactively talk about the experience. They will willingly refer someone to you. Their overall feeling about you is wonderful and their experiences with you have been memorable.

Axia understands this kind of loyalty is not the result of a single experience or event. We recognize that loyalty evolves... it matures over time, based on our deeds, actions and words. We need to be "unusual where usual is expected" constantly, day-in and day-out. It is only then that a client will become loyal.


We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product. We have established long standing relationships with reputable contractors. We are detail oriented and work with our clients to make sure the end result exceeds expectations.

Axia monitors all work to meet the intent of the construction documents. If any work or installation is not completed to the satisfaction of the owner, the architect or Axia’s personnel, this work is rejected with a notice of non-conforming work directed to the responsible trade.

We conduct specific quality control measures including mock-ups and on-site inspections. We also recognize the success of quality control is a team effort and coordinate with all team members, including owner, architect and engineers.

Axia understands there is no substitute for a job well done.


As important as cost, schedule and quality are to us we place the highest value on our employees and subcontractors, making their health and safety our top priority. Safety is a crucial element of the Axia Culture. Our proactive “zero injury” safety culture is based on the philosophy that job-related accidents and injuries can be prevented. We teach our employees and subcontractors to take action to protect themselves and others, empowering them to correct potentially unsafe behaviors, and adopt a mindset of willingly choosing to follow safety rules. We use a variety of safety initiatives and incentives, including training new employees, job site specific safety programs, weekly toolbox meetings and regular safety audits to ensure everyone on the project team, as well as project visitors, are protected from potential hazards.

Our employees and subcontractors have the peace of mind that they will safely come home to their families at the end of the day and our clients have the peace of mind knowing that safety is the highest priority on their job-site.